Saturday, February 20, 2010


I sing now of cloud-gathering Zeus and his love for his radiant sister, Hera of the white arms.
Zeus, newborn and glorious, smiled at the great cow-eyed Hera.
Mighty Hera donned the girdle of shapely Aphrodite and claimed the child for her own to wed.
So, from the wrath of Kronos fled Hera and Zeus.
From the safe arms of Rhea they flew to the palace of Okeanos,
Delighting in each other.
Mighty Zeus clasped Hera's slender waist and she became Teleia.
Such was their love that they kept to their marriage bed for three-hundred years.
Hera bathed each day at Kanathos, renewing her virginity to Zeus's delight.
They emerged from their honeymoon to a grand wedding feast.
Gaia offered forth the golden orchard of evening to Hera, beloved of Zeus.
The Gods rejoiced as lovely Hera took her place on the golden throne beside thundering Zeus.
Resplendent Hera, heavy with child, was named Queen of the Gods.
White armed Goddess, may I find fulfillment of my heart's desire as you find when you lay with mighty Zeus.
Hail to you radiant wife of Zeus!
May I ever sing of your glory, and the glory of your progeny.
Now I will remember you and another song as well.

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