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Workshops and Classes


Familiars (single session, 1 hour)
The familiar is the companion and personal spirit of the witch.  It is any creature that regularly helps a witch with her Craft.  A familiar can be corporeal (existing in flesh and blood in this realm) or incorporeal (a spirit or astral body). Familiars can be plant, animal, mineral, demonic, angelic, or even the dead!  In this class you will learn about the history of familiars, and how to attract and bond with familiars in a Traditional Witchcraft setting.

Links and Link Cutting (single session, 1 hour, or class and ritual 3 hours total)
Many magics are woven through the form of links, which are two-way etheric connections that appear in the astral body.  This workshop will teach you how to identify links and sever those that are causing negativity in your person.  It will also include a discussion on the Triple Soul of Traditional Witchcraft, and its relationship to the astral, etheric, and spirit realms.

Witch Blood! (single session, 1 hour)
How is a witch made?  Is it something earned, something you are born with, or something in-between?  Natalie, co-founder of the American Folkloric Witchcraft tradition, will lead a discussion on witch marks, witch blood, the kuthun, the Fallen Angels, and the Red Thread as she attempts to answer this complex question.

Magic and Sacrifice (single session, 1 hour)
Without sacrifice there can be no magic!  Traditional witches do not hold to any "Law of Threefold Return", nor do they believe in the maxim "Harm None", but there is always a price to be paid for magic, no matter how small or how benevolent.  Learn about the real price of magic and how to determine the sacrifice required for any spell prior to casting it through the use of the Witch's Bowl.

The Stang (single session, 1 hour)
Symbol of the Horned One, and tool of the Old Craft, this object is rarely used in American Pagan practice. The forked staff or 2-pronged pitchfork is a symbol of ancient power, with a system of decorations and ritual uses to denote the passage of time and the journey of the Old God. Come learn about its history, meanings and uses, and reclaim this tool of the Wise.

Aleister Crowley and the Roots of Wicca (single session, 2 hours)
Includes PowerPoint
Rumors have swirled for decades. Did Aleister Crowley write the original Book of Shadows? Was he initiated into the 'Witch Cult'? Did Gerald Gardner and Crowley ever meet, and if so, what become of it? We will discuss a brief history of the dawn of Wicca in the mid-twentieth century, the key figures involved, and how Ceremonial Thelemic magicians and Earth-Worshiping Wiccans have more in common than you may think.

Goddess Spirituality

Natalie Long, co-founder of the annual Women's' Goddess Retreat, has lead numerous Goddess circles, and offers a sampling of her favorites for your own event.  Each circle consists of a discussion of the history and mythology of that Goddess, an invocation of Her, and an activity with discussion.  These are especially wonderful workshops for women's events. (approx 2 hours each)

Athena: The Lessons of Peacemaking and Deep Wisdom

Babalon: The Lessons of Sexual Freedom and Bottomless Love

Lilith: The Lessons of Empowerment and Selfhood

Sophia: The Lessons of Inner Wisdom and The Powers of The Sphinx

Inanna: The Lessons of Meeting and Accepting the Shadow

Sacred Sexuality

Intro to Sacred Sexuality (single session, 2 hours)
Many people in our culture carry the notion that sex and spirituality are impossibly far removed from each other. I, and others like me, strongly disagree with that idea. We have come to understand that sex is one of the most effective paths the Divine and enlightenment. It is a deep Sacriment. This workshop will cover some of the basic themes, traditions, and philosophies behind the concept of sacred sexuality.

Sacred Whore Discussion (single session, 2 hours)
An introduction to a few of history’s most notable sacred whores, and an open discussion about what it means to identify as a Sancta Meretrix today.

Good, Giving and Game (single session, 2 hours)
Sex advice columnist Dan Savage coined the abbreviation term Good, Giving, and Game. The idea behind it is that an ideal partner should strive to be Good in bed, Giving “equal time and equal pleasure” to one’s partner, and Game “for anything—within reason”. In this lecture and discussion Natalie will guide you through the labyrinth of discussing consent, fantasies, hard limits, and in-play communication with your partner(s).

Qadishti Sacred Touch (single session, 4 hours)
A group participatory circle where safe space is created for speaking boundaries, preferences, and experiencing the divine in yourself. Come and have your boundaries affirmed by a circle of love!

Strangers to Love (single session, 2 hours)
More than 20 years ago, the psychologist Arthur Aron succeeded in making two strangers fall in love in his laboratory. He used only two simple techniques: one to establish trust and emotional intimacy between the strangers, and another to help the strangers fearlessly set aside their everyday persona masks and engage on a deeper level. These methods have been replicated in lab studies numerous times, and typically lead to the two participants falling in love with each other. In this workshop, Natalie will introduce you to these exercises and discuss the brain chemistry and psychology behind their effectiveness. For those who are willing, she will also lead you through Dr. Aron’s two techniques with a consenting partner of your choice. Come and deepen the love that you already share with a partner, learn about how love works in the brain, or maybe fall in love with a stranger!

Tarot and Divination

The Fool's Journey (3 - 4 hours)
Includes PowerPoint
Natalie has been reading with the Thoth tarot for over half of her life.  In this detailed PowerPoint presentation Natalie will share the secret symbolism of the Thoth tarot and how it relates to the journey of the initiate.

ATU V - The Hierophant (single session, 2 hours)
Includes PowerPoint
The Hierophant sits, satisfied in his progression through the Fool's Journey. He is the card of Taurus, strong, stubborn, and loving. As with all classes in this series, we will explore the symbolism of this Thoth Tarot trump in great detail, and also compare these symbols to the correspondences of 777.
Part of The Thoth Tarot Trumps Series

Chiromancy (2 - 3 hours)
Legend says that if your cross the seer's palm with silver that she will tell your your future. But, it is not her palm which holds your destiny, it is your own! In this class you will learn all of the basics of palm reading, from the lines of the hands, to the fingers, to the shapes scattered therein. Natalie has been reading palms for friends and family since childhood and in this class she will have you gazing into your own hand to see if you can change your fate.


Baphomet: History and Symbolism (single session, 1 hour)
Includes PowerPoint
Who, or what, is Baphomet? A cipher? An alchemical formula? A divine being worshiped by the Templars? Why does the image of this androgynous figure of man and beast fused as one intrigue us so? Where are the historical roots for this chimera? What bearing does the Serpent and the Lion hold for us today? These are only a few of the riddles we will attempt to solve as we explore the notorious occult figure of Baphomet.

St. Paul Gauguin (single session, 3 hours)
Includes PowerPoint
Most of us are familiar with the work of Paul Gauguin, the Post-Impressionist painter who famously quarreled with his roommate Vincent VanGogh, ultimately leading to VanGogh cutting off his own ear. But what of Paul Gauguin the mystic? The adventurer? The deadbeat and romantic? What of the man who walked away from his ordinary life to paint his visions in a wild island paradise? Gauguin has hard lessons to teach seekers about the cost and reward of following your True Will. More than just his art was admired by Crowley (who copied many of Gauguin's paintings onto the walls of Ceflau). He saw the primal striving of a pure mystic driven by the firey beauty of his own strange Will, and identified with him personally in other ways as well.
Part of The Gnostic Saints Study Series

Psychic Development

Lucid Dreaming (single session, 2 hours)
The key to astral travel is unlocking the secret of lucid dreaming. There are many proven and reliable techniques for creating a state in which lucid dreaming can occur. This class will focus on how to use practical exercises to bring yourself into a state of lucid dreaming. Once you have mastered lucid dreaming, your only limit is your dreams!

Energy Play (single session, 2 hours)
Learn to feel, mold, move and charge your energy field in this hands-on class. Interacting with your natural energy through Will can be fun, exciting, and applicable to many magical applications such as healing and thought-form creation. At the end of the class we will create a group cone of power charged with our agreed group intent.

Ghosts (single session, 2 hours)
Do some of the deceased actually still wander this plane of existence? What could keep these spirits in this realm? Can we interact with our ancestors and other spirits of former humans? These questions will be answered in our Ghost class. You will also get to know the three kinds of hauntings and how to honor the dead.

Grounding (single session, 2 hours)
In this class you will learn basic techniques of Centering your awareness and Grounding energy. These two simple meditative exercises are the foundation of a magical practice. As a bonus exercise, you will be lead on a guided meditation to your own 'Grove of Peace' at the end of class.

Spirit Guides (single session, 2 hours)
Have you ever thought that "someone must be looking out for me"? It's a comforting notion, and a spiritually sound one! Wouldn't you like to meet some of these companions who are here helping you with your journey? In this class we will talk about the 9 most common types of spirit guides, how to notice when they are communicating with us, and how to better develop our dialogue with our higher self.

Psychic Drawings (single session, 2 hours)
Break out the colored pencils! It's time to have a little colorful fun with your intuition! After learning the basic principles behind psychic drawings we will pair off to attempt to psychically 'send' images to each other. Afterwards we will learn about auras and then be paired off again to create an 'aura portrait' of our partner. Don't worry about art skills. Basic outline sheets will be provided. All you need to do is trust your intuition and see what is going on with your partner inside. Everyone who participates gets a free aura portrait!

Psychic Protection
 (single session, 2 hours)
The final class in the Earth Religions Series will cover how to guard yourself, your home, and your loved ones from negative psychic energies. We will discuss different kinds of psychic attack, and how to use tools such as smudging, shielding, and using crystals and talismans to protect yourself.

General Occult

Three Realm Cosmology (single session, 1 hour)
Both the Celts and the Norse worked in a spiritual landscape that included Three Realms or Lands -- the Upper World, the Middle World, and the Under World. The concept of 4 quarters/elements (from the Western esoteric tradition) was introduced much later and isn't as vitally at the heart of these ancient cultures. Join Natalie in an thoughtful exploration and practical discussion of the Three Realm structure for magic and spirituality.

Sacred Contracts (single session, 2 hours)
Everyone who has ever lived has a purpose for existing. Come learn about your own personal journey and how the archetypical story of your life is guiding you to finding your true purpose. We will learn about using the power of personal archetypes, the Toltec four agreements, and the ancient powers of the sphinx for personal transformation.

Traditions in Ancient Earth Religions (single session, 4 hours, or 2 double sessions)
In this class we will discuss the religious beliefs, practices, and Deities of many ancient world cultures including Celtic, Norse, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian pantheons. Come discover which God or Goddess has been guiding you.

Sacred Space 
(single session, 2 hours)
We will learn how to create sacred space within and without ourselves through the creation of personal altars, the practices of grounding and centering, and creative visualization. You will come away from this class knowing how to access your inner grove of peace.

Spiritual Working Tools 
(single session, 2 hours)
If you have ever wondered how to use some of the tools associated with spiritual work this class is designed to explain them. You will also learn how to cleanse and bless your own tools. We will have lots of working tools on hand for you to practice with.

Influences and Correspondences
 (single session, 2 hours)
We will learn about color correspondences in manifestation work and how to apply them to choosing candles, crystals, and even your daily wardrobe. We will discuss using candles for prayer and healing, and how to use some basic herbs in healing teas and personal incense blending.

Manifestation and Ethics
 (single session, 2 hours)
You have probably heard of the power of manifestation, but may not be aware of how to apply it in your own life. We will discuss the formula of manifestation and common stumbling blocks to making it work for you. We will also discuss the models of belief and will explore the ethics of karma. You will come away from this class with a foundation for developing your own personal code of ethics.

The Cosmos
 (single session, 2 hours)
How does the multiverse work according to Earth Religions? Come learn about working with the many faces of God, nature, and the spirit realm. Find out about your guides and guardians. Learn about working with the four classical elements and three realms to bring balance and peace to your life. Discover how the sun, moon, and stars influence us each day.

Earth Religion Holidays (single session, 2 hours)
We will discuss how to live in harmony with the seasons of nature by honoring our own personal cycles and exploring the seasonal calendar of ancient Europe. We will learn about the old Wheel of the Year cycle and the holidays associated with it.


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