Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Deity Questionnaire

Do you have a close relationship with the Deity(ies) of your choice?
Yes I do. Lilith began speaking with me when I was still a noob, and many more since then have made their voices heard... loudly!

How do you communicate with them?
Sometimes through the talking board, sometimes through dreams, but mostly through the voices in my head. Crazy? Quite.

Do they Answer/Grant your request?
I don't often come to the Gods with requests. I work with my incorporeal familiar for that. The Gods come to me asking for tasks to be done... poetry to be written, rituals to be performed, UPG to be disseminated as they see fit. I serve the Gods, they do not serve me.

Who is your patron God?
I have a deep and abiding fondness for Dionysus and Fallen Star Forge God (Tubal Cain, Lucifer, Malek Taus, Azazel, Hephaestus, Vulcan, Lugh/Lleu)

Who is your patron Goddess?The many-named Owl & Serpent Goddess of the Vinca peoples, depicted on the Burney Relief, also known as Algol, Athena Glaukopis/Medusa, Lilith, and Ereshkegal. Also Sophia, Babalon, the Black Goddess of the 1734 Tradition (Kolyo), and the White Goddess of Robert Graves's work (Goda).