Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sketch Diary

For the retreat we had the inspired idea to hand out custom printed blank books with our schedule printed in the front rather than typical event brochures. This gave everyone at the retreat a place to journal.

I loved my journal so much that I've nearly filled it up already. What I really liked about it was the fact that it was a truly blank book -- no lines, no margins. I can sketch or doodle when I feel like it and journal as much or as little as I please.

I've been using two different colors of Pilot G2 gel pens so I can switch colors from entry to entry. That way I know exactly where one entry ends and another begins, but I don't take up extra space in my journal.

Tonight I bought a cheap 70 page 11"x 9" sketch diary at Meijer. I plan to use this as my next writing journal. It's big, cheap, and unlined so I can fill it with whatever my mind spews forth without worrying so much about quality. I can just write freely.

Fancy journals are lovely and make me feel special, but they also carry the unspoken notion that they must be filled with only my deepest and most sacred insights. I don't need to call down a holy book with my morning pages. I just need to practice the act of writing!

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