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LiveJournal interests meme

LiveJournal interests meme
  1. bipolar disorder:
    I've had this since at least puberty, possibly longer. I inherited it from my father, who inherited it from his father. Hereditary madness is just one more reason I'm childfree.
  2. cunning folk:
    People who "witch" away warts and carry blasting rods around facsinate me. It doesn't hurt that several members of my family fall into this rather broad category or folk-magick practitioners, or that I secretly long for a little thatch-roofed cottage where I can brood and blast.
  3. english ballads:
    If you want me to swoon you need only recite "Thomas the Rhymer". If you want me to love you forever you should try "Tam Lin". If you want me to forsake all others for you alone "Lord Randal" will do the trick. Warm and fuzzy feelings will also be engendered by "Greensleeves", "The Twa Sisters", "Fair Janet", "Three Corbies" and anything found in Bartlett J. Whiting's collection. (dreamly hums a few haunting bars of 'Lord Randal')
  4. herbal tea:
    Celestial Seasonings, thou art like unto a God in my pantheon. Thine Bengal Spice and Apple Cranberry zinger uplift me. Thine Sleepytime and Tension tamer, they comfort me. Surely I shall find peace in a cup of warm tisane, and shall dwell in thine house forever.
  5. lucifer:
    Once upon a time was an 11 year old girl who loved Greek Mythology so much she fancied herself a Pagan. She prayed daily to old Gods, and worried about the condition of her soul. One morning a man made of solid gold walked through the window of her second-story bedroom and had a long and interesting talk with her that she will not elaborate on here. When she was quite a bit older she read a book titled "Aradia, Gospel of the Witches" and finally realized who she had met so many years ago. She devoted herself to this God immediately, and has kept his rituals to the best of her ability ever since.
  6. otherkin:
    Some people have totem animals. Some people think they *were* their totem animals. Some people think they still *are* their totem animals. I fall somewhere between the latter two categories. Hoot.
  7. reiki:
    Magick without tears. It feels good, you get to share it with anyone who wants it, and you can't screw it up. Reiki is fun, and useful, and kitty-friendly.
  8. severus snape:
    My not-so-secret crush. Alan Rickman, you will be mine.
  9. tantra:
    Sex is fun. So is magick. Let's do both! Seriously, sex magick is a great joy for me, and tantra seems to the pinnacle of all that sex magick can be. Have you ever had your crown chakra blown open during orgasam? Nuff said.
  10. voudon:
    Experiential Gods with awesome imagery. Le Bawon is a much-loved friend of mine. The Lwa live and breathe, and give and receive in a way that many other Godforms don't. I also totally dig voudon cosmology.
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