Saturday, February 20, 2010

Black Babalon

Kiss me you Fool
We are but a couple of cards
I AM the third sphere
You are falling from the Tower
Into my toothy black yoni
Scream My Name
I AM the serpent that you fear
And the garden and the tree and the fruit
Golden discordian apple and pomegranate
and Waratah Blossoms
And the Elohim sing as you Fall
Plead My Name
Let me see where you can shove that
Priapic wand my little novice
Love it in my bloodless brittle sagging
I AM all you hate
Take it in your mouth and taste my red
Fear is a euphemism for me
Pain is a kindness of mine
Weep My Name
Sweet Prometheus bound
in your dogmatic strangle-hold
Know that I AM the fire from heaven that
you would die for
But darkness is my purest form
Love this face of fury
Understanding is the key
Answer my riddles
Or be devoured and commit yourself to
As I dance drunk on the beauty of you
My Shiva-without
Worship My Name
I AM not your
Sky with no moon

Reposted from MySpace blog September 23, 2008

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