Sunday, February 21, 2010

Discovering Ares

Earlier today I posed the question
"How should I cultivate a relationship with a God who is so alien to my own spirit?"
I put this question out to the multiverse, and it gave me a clear answer. Almost 12 hours exactly from when I wrote the entry, a young man posted the Homeric Hymn to Ares on the same forum I was doling out advice on earlier. Allow me to quote a portion of it.
"Restrain also the keen fury of my heart which provokes me to tread the ways of blood-curdling strife. Rather, O blessed one, give you me boldness to abide within the harmless laws of peace, avoiding strife and hatred and the violent fiends of death."
Ares, then, is not just the Lord of War. He is also the giver of restraint. That shows wisdom that any lover of Athena can appreciate. I believe I'll go light a stick of incense for Ares and attempt to make my peace with him.

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