Saturday, February 20, 2010

Myrtle Beach Memories

So, as you could probably guess, Myrtle Beach was fun fun fun. Joe & I camped right on the beach. Every morning we'd start the day by running down to the waves, and we'd end each night splashing around while fireworks went off overhead. Tres romantic. :) We stayed at a wonderful "luxury campground" (oxymoron, I know) named Pirate's Land. Pirate's Land offered a private beach, golf carts, an indoor pool, jacussi, lazy river, arcade, minature golf, campsite water, showers, cable TV, a billard room, and even it's own ice cream parlor. Arrgh, 'tis a Pirate's life for me!!! (we plan to return next season) Joe even taught me how to SWIM, which is a talent I have somehow managed to survive for almost 25 years not needing.

While at Myrtle, we visted the Ripley's museum, where I scoured the collection for Fr. G.B. Gardner's pieces from the Witches' Mill. I found a corn dolly from his collection, and a lovely Malaysian kriss dagger that may well have served as one of the old goat's athames... well, I can dream, can't I? Anyway, I recorded both on film, and plan to post the photos here when I get them scanned. Furthermore, I want to visit as many of the Ripley's attractions as possible to document what remains of G.B.G's collection before 'Wicca Inc.' forgets it's heritage entirely.

For those who are planning to visit Myrtle Beach, but have never had the pleasure of doing so, I must warn you of one astonishing fact. The city of Myrtle Beach, SC consists almost entirely of Pancake Restaurants. I'm not joking. Along the same streach of road you will find The National House of Pancakes and Omlettes, the National Pancake and Omlette House, The International House of Pancakes (also serving omlettes), The House of Omlettes and Pancakes, the Pancake House (also serving omlettes), and my personal favorite... The OMEGA House of Pancakes and Omlettes. (the be all and end all of Pancake Houses, I'm sure.)

After leaving SC, Joe & I made a trip through Smokey Mountain National Park where we panned for gemstones. We found a green quartz about the size of my fist, two lovely rose quartz, two large amythests, a hefty moonstone, countless garnets and topazes, and a rough ruby about the size of a dime. We had such a nice time in the mountians that we agreed to return during the fall to see more of the sights.

BTW, after resisting temptation the entire time we were in Myrtle-land-of-Pancake-Houses, my will broke while in Pigeon Forge and I feasted upon pancakes at an IHOP.

Since our return home we've been keeping buzy. Joe's Mom has been in & out of the hospital, and we've been consumed with SCA events. (trying to get in as much as possible before Winter.) This weekend Joe & I will be camping once again at Our Haven. Tis our goodbye-to-Summer Mabon blow-out celebration, and all signs point to this being the biggest event yet. Joe & I will be vending with some friends. At least four rituals are planned (one of which -- concerning a wicker man and the song John Barleycorn -- I am writing). I will also be running my standard workshop on shapeshifting, and might teach a bit of bellydance if anyone shows interest. If you live anywhere near Indiana, please consider attending this event! We promise to make it a memorable one!

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