Thursday, June 26, 2014

Upcoming Events

The summer of 2014 is shaping up to be a busy one!  Not only did I just get married, and opened Midian, I am also presenting at many events.  Here's a breakdown of where I'll be.

Here is what I'll be presenting at each event.

Southern Indiana Druid & Heathen Event (SIDHE)

Three Realm Cosmology
Both the Celts and the Norse worked in a spiritual landscape that included Three Realms or Lands -- the Upper World, the Middle World, and the Under World. The concept of 4 quarters/elements (from the Western esoteric tradition) was introduced much later and isn't as vitally at the heart of these ancient cultures. Join Natalie in an thoughtful exploration and practical discussion of the Three Realm structure for magic and spirituality.

Iris Camp Music Festival

The Fool's Journey
Natalie Black has been reading with the Thoth tarot for half of her life.  In this detailed PowerPoint presentation Natalie will share the secret symbolism of the Thoth tarot and how it relates to the journey of the initiate.

Cunning Folk Faire

Links and Link Cutting
Many magics are woven through the form of links, which are two-way etheric connections that appear in the astral body. This workshop will teach you how to identify links and sever those that are causing negativity in your person. It will also include a discussion on the Triple Soul of Traditional Witchcraft, and its relationship to the astral, etheric, and spirit realms.

Magic and Sacrifice
Without sacrifice there can be no magic! Traditional witches do not hold to any "Law of Threefold Return", nor do they believe in the maxim "Harm None", but there is always a price to be paid for magic, no matter how small or how benevolent. Learn about the real price of magic and how to determine the sacrifice required for any spell prior to casting it through the use of the Witch's Bowl.

Women's Goddess Retreat

2014's Theme: The Norse Goddesses

Skadi - The Lesson of Asking for What You Need
The Valkyries - The Lessons of Strength and Sisterhood


I also recently was interviewed on the Scroll of Thoth podcast, where Laurelei & I discussed the Babalon Rising Festival, and some of our writings, including Liber Qayin.  You can listen to the episode at the link below.

Scroll of Thoth episode 13 – Babalon in Black


Happliy (Gay) Married in Indiana

Yesterday, June 25, 2014, to the shock of some and the long-awaited joy of others the Indiana Supreme Court struck down anti same-sex legislation and began issuing same-sex marriage licenses immediately.

I didn't know when I woke up yesterday morning that it was my wedding day, but, fortunately I was online when the news broke around noon.  When I informed my fiancee Laurelei about the news we decided to get married that day.  We wanted to be a part of this historic moment, and we wanted to ensure that we were legally wedded before the inevitable happened and the courts stayed the ruling.

We received some partially incorrect information that the only place performing same-sex marriages was Marion County, where Indianapolis is.  So, we loaded up our family and drove to Indy.  As it turns out, Marion County was the only place initially performing legal ceremonies, but soon afterwards most of the rest of the state began to also.  At Marion County clerk's office there were hundreds of couples lined up to be married.  There is a video below of the line, and Laurelei and I are in it near the very end.  I am the one in the black dress waving.

We were told shortly after that video was taken that one of us would need to be a current resident of Marion County to get married that day.  Normally, those regulations don't apply, but yesterday was a special circumstance.  So, we called our the county clerk's office of our resident county, Morgan County, Indiana to see if they were issuing licenses.  They were.  They would be open until 5pm.  We got back in our vehicle and high-tailed it back to Morgan County.  We got there at 4:45 pm.  We had to wait for the presiding Judge, Hon. Jane Spencer Craney, to finish with small-claims court, but she graciously stayed late to marry us.  We were told that we were one of only eight same-sex couples to be married in Morgan County that day.

Here were are exchanging our vows as our children, holding red roses, look on.
This is us with Judge Spencer Craney, holding our Indiana marriage license.

Learn More About Same-Sex Marriage in Indiana

If you or a loved one is thinking of getting married in Indiana soon, please refer to these links for the latest information.

Indiana Marriage Equality Map
Indianapolis Star News on Same-Sex Marriage in Indiana
Questions About the Indiana Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
BuzzFeed's Coverage of the First 24 Hours of Same-Sex Marriage in Indiana

Do Your Part to Support Same-Sex Marriage in Indiana

1.) The Indiana Attorney General is conducting a poll as to whether he should appeal the same sex marriage ruling or not. The telephone number is (317) 232-6201. Press 1 for English then 5 to speak to someone.
You can also email the Attorney General at:

2.) Attorney General Greg Zoeller is in the process of appealing yesterday's decision, and if approved, Indiana couples would continue to be denied the freedom to marry. Sign the petition below to stop the appeal!

Hoosiers Unite for Marriage Petition

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Midian is Open!

My family, my friends, and myself have just purchased a parcel of land in southern Indiana to develop for hosting festivals and events throughout the calendar year.  We are calling it Midian.

Our first major event is the 8th Babalon Rising Festival, June 12 - 15, 2014.  Before that we will have camping work weekends and a mini-festival May 9 - 11 to celebrate May Day.  Our current schedule for 2014 is as follows:

 I'll be presenting at several of these events, and I look forward to seeing you there!  In the meantime, please check out the Midian website at: