Saturday, February 20, 2010


1. Do you like the yellow or blue peeps better & is there really a difference?
The yellow Peeps are superior to the blue ones because they more closely approximate the food they are mimicking. I wouldn't eat a bright blue chicken, so why would I want to eat a bright blue marshmallow facsimile of a chicken?

2. Would you rather have a splinter under your fingernail or a papercut between your toes?
I'll take the splinter. Just reading the phrase "papercut between your toes" makes me cringe.

3. If you could heighten any of your 6 senses, which would it be & why?
Out of six sense rather than five, I'd increase the sixth (extra-sensory perception) because I have always found joy in weirding people out, and how better to do so than to read their icky little minds?

4. What's your blood type & when was the time you gave blood for your local blood drive?
I'm B-negative. Its a rare type, so I'm encouraged to give blood, but I haven't done so in a long time because of anemia.

5. If you did not give blood, what kind of STD do you have?
lolz!!! I didn't realise anemia came from teh sexii timez!

6. If you were going to eat a crayon, what color would it be?
Periwinkle Blue. I've always been fascinated with that particular crayon color.

7. what is the most painful physical injury you have ever had?
I was in a car wreck once that impacted my breastbone and bruised my heart. That was some soul-crushing hurt.

8. Do you refuse to eat blue gum in fear that it will turn your teeth blue?
Though this comes as no surprise to many of my friends, I kinda *like* being stained blue on occasion.

9. What is a goal you have for the next 20 minutes?
Make myself go to bed.

10. If you could fill a vending machine with whatever you wanted, what would it be?
I'd fill it with lavish yet heartfelt praise from people I love and admire. Then I could just drop a quarter in whenever I'm cranky and receive an instant ego-boost.

11. What is your favorite movie from the 80's?

12. If had to choose between a dog that could read minds or a cat that would fetch you beers, which would you choose?
The cat. I don't like beer, but I don't much like mind-reading dogs either.

13. Which do you value more, your big toes or your thumbs?
My thumbs. They allow me to fulfill my function as a tool-wielding mammal. Besides, without thumbs how could I express my feelings about gladiatorial contestants?

14. Why is the sky blue?
Science: Shorter light waves scatter throughout the atmosphere, making the blue spectrum waves reflect off of air molecules.
Magick: Blue is the color of Chesed/Jupiter, gateway to the realms of the ether, and outer-space.
Philosophy: That which we define as sky we also define as blue, creating a blue sky in our reality.

15. What's your all time favorite cereal?
Corn Pops!

16. Would you rather enjoy a cold refreshing Coca - Cola or a Pepsi?
Ew. I dislike cola as a rule, but given only those options I'll take the Pepsi.

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