Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best month EV-AR

April has been kind to me. I began the month being initiated into the bestest, funnest, mostest awesome Witchcraft order in the area, continued by trekking up to Chicago for my O.T.O. Minerval (which, aside from an incredible theatrical performance of Liber Al, was underwhelming, but I'll be taking MUTS later this year to make up for it) got a job at the local New Age/Occult store part-time, moved right along into Anita's totally kick-ass Aztec watermelon frenzy ritual (perhaps the most moving ritual I've ever witnessed) and left the next day with Lynn and C. for the indesribably goregeous St. Augustine Florida. Go look at our sqwee-worthy Florida photos! While in FL, I experienced many of the things FL tourists everywhere crave: seeing an alligator in the wild, splashing around on the beach in the middle of the night, spying a manatee, climbling a lighthouse, going on a ghost tour, noshing on the best key lime pie on earth, and, yes, GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! *sqwees in ways that make me indistinguishable from a piggy* We went to Epcot. It was awesome. The photos are in the link above. Also, on the trip, we stopped off at the Georgia Renn Faire (again, totally friggin' awesome) and the Museum Replicas store in Conyers, GA. But, best of all, while in FL, I got my 3rd degree G. initiation. I am purple beyond purple with glee. Beltane is coming up next (camping at the annual festival at Our Haven Nature Sanctuary) and the Babalon Rising Festival is getting better every day (I cannot encourage you enough to check out the website. The festival is looking stupid-good thus far.) I am in a place of complete joy and contentment with my life right now. What more can I say? Those Cakes of Light sure did the trick!

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