Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blue Babalon

V.I. I AM.
I, the nail upon which the stars are hung.
The nail which pierces the flesh of suns and sons.
Draining forth their blood into the cup.
Red with blood it is, yet I remain virgin
pure without spot.
Loved by all.
And my love is as a whore's:
open to all.
I deny my gifts to none.
Lowest leper and highest emperor
feel the softness of the pleasure of flesh
as ONE.
The sharpness of the sword with which I am girt
cuts gods and men deeply as equals.
For every man and woman is a star, and
by my blade there is no god but man.
I offer true Wisdom,
for I fly forth on dove's wings
I am wholly spirit.
And it is my kindest cut
that makes you whole, holy
hole, whore, harlot, scarlet
I am many and all and ONE.
Whole in myself
Virgin and eternal
I, the nail
V.I. I AM.

Reposted from MySpace blog September 29, 2008

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