Sunday, February 21, 2010

Neokoroi Questionnaire

I just submitted my application for joining the Neokoroi Yahoo Group. They had an excellent and thoughtful membership questionnaire that I thought I would share some of my responses to here.

* Are you a Hellenic polytheist? If not, how would you describe your religious path? How long have you been practicing?

I do consider myself to be a Hellenic Polytheist. I've been practicing as such for about a year and have just started looking into social outlets such as online groups in the last two months.

* Are you a hard polytheist (believe in the distinct and individual reality of the many gods)? Why or why not?

Yes, I am a hard polytheist, and always have been. My major gripe with Gardnerian Wicca is the belief in the so-called Dryghton, which effectively reduces the religion down to monotheism. The Gods are separate entities in my experience.

* Do you belong to any other Hellenic organizations (online or in real life)? Which one(s)?

I am a member of the Yahoo Groups Hellenic_Recons (Robert Clark's group), hellenion-mw (Midwest Hellenions), Hellenismos_Mysticism, Olympianism, Thiasos_Aphrodite (founded by Laurelei), and ThiasosAthena. I am also very active on the boards, which I understand may not make me many friends! ;) However, I've always found Tim to be very civil and helpful in his own sandbox.

* How do you feel about mysticism? Do you believe in direct contact with the gods?

I am a hardcore mystic. I don't understand how anyone can be a Hellenic Polytheist without accepting mysticism as part and parcel of the system. UPG has been the guiding factor that has lead me to Hellenic Reconstructionism, and it informs my practice at least as much as Homer and Hesiod do.

* Do you plan on participating in discussions, or mostly lurking?

That really depends on the discussion! I hope to take an active role in the list, as I have heard excellent things about it. I may lurk initially until I get my bearings.

* Are you interested in doing things in "real life", e.g. building public shrines, getting together (even casually) with other Hellenic pagans in your area, participating in group festivals, etc.?

Laurelei and I are working on organizing the first ever Midwest Hellenic Festival, set for 2011. We are big believers in getting real life shrines and temples set up, and sponsoring activities for the community to meet. For example, we are planning a pilgrimage to the Nashville Parthenon in April and hope to motivate many midwestern Hellenes to meet us there!

* How did you hear about Neokoroi?

I found out about you from Laurelei. She has been impressed with how active and inclusive your forum is and recommended it to me.

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