Thursday, March 1, 2012

PBP - E is for Egregore

Egregores are spirit forms created by a magician with a specific purpose.  They are typically not self-sustaining, and require offerings of thanks, or some other energy exchange in order to function. I have been witness to the creation of several egregores, from Mabel the Parking Goddess, to Lobo: Wolf Lord of Riches.

To create your own egregore you will need to identify your need, and then create a magical set of symbols to activate and charge the entity.  Let's use my friend "Lobo" as an example...

First we identify our need.  The objective here is fast cash, so we need something swift and clever that has ample resources.  We decide to use the form of a wolf holding a large bag of money.  Lobo, we decide is this wolf's name, and because he is so wealthy, he is dressed in a tuxedo.  Come to think of it, he looks just like that old Warner Brothers cartoon wolf in his dapper tux, top hat, and cane.  We howl to call forth Lobo.  Aaaaooooohhhh!!!!  Now Lobo needs something to charge him.  It could be as mundane as brushing our teeth, or as wild and energy-soaked as having sex, but Lobo is special, and should only be called under special circumstances.  Therefore, we decide to use the song "Happy Birthday to You" as an offering to Lobo.  Anytime we sing "Happy Birthday to You" Lobo gets charged up -- and can bring us presents!

Lobo is a bit silly, yes, but is illustrative of how simple egregore creation can be.


  1. That's a new one for me... my second newly acquired bit of information today, thanks! Great post!