Sunday, June 3, 2012

...for BABALON!

I'll be leaving for this year's Babalon Rising festival in just two scant days.  This is the seventh year of the festival.  As a founder, I feel odd that seven years has went by so quickly.  This is the second year that I will not be playing a role in the Feast of the Beast ritual, which was my decision.  This year we have asked all of the representatives of Babalon from previous years to participate, and even though I was Babalon in year one, I just wasn't feeling it this year.  Babalon is a Goddess of sacrifice, and I've given a lot in her service.  I even wrote this year's Feast of the Beast ritual, with some input from friends and fellow devotees of the Mother of Abominations.

Serving Babalon in the capacity of a festival founder and coordinator has been a great honor and a constant learning experience for me.  She really does demand every last drop of what we have to give, and what we give is transformed and returned to us from her Grail in ways we could not imagine.

I thought this might be a good chance to direct my followers to some of my older posts, all of them my own poetic meditations on Babalon.

Red Babalon (Babs as the Great Whore)
Blue Babalon (Babs as the Eternal Virgin)
Black Babalon (Babs as the Bride of Chaos -- my favorite of the bunch)

If you are planning on going to the festival this year, stop by the Black Market vending booth and say hello.  I'll be there offering Tarot readings, wares from Blade and Broom Botanica, and friendly advice for those who aren't sure what to make of a Thelemic/Voodoo/Chaos Magic/Sex Magic festival.

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