Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brilliant Theoi Picspam

Really, this is bloody brilliant as far as picspam goes. A woman over at LiveJournal "casts" the theoi according to popular stars of the day. I don't agree with everyone. Paltrow as Athena rings false to me, but I'm hard pressed to choose an actress that could do Her justice. I love Hugh Laurie as Hephaestus and Sean Bean as Zeus. Her choice for Dionysus is all wrong. Oh, just go look! What do you think? Who would play your Gods in your very own Homeric movie?


  1. Upon reflection, Eva Green, who the OP thought should play Nike, would make an excellent grey-eyed Athena. Submitted for you consideration, exhibits A, B, & C:

    I'm open to suggestions, though.

  2. Oh, and I just have to agree loudly and heartily: Hades = Rufus Sewell. Absolutely. In my mind from now on it will forever be so.

  3. I love Hugh Laurie for Hephaestus, too. And yes, the casting for Dionysus is offensively wrong.

    I'm happy with her picks for Mnemosyne and Eros (yummy Jensen Ackles...)

  4. I don't mind James Franco as Hermes.. it just seems to fit.

    And yes... as antiomious said, Pattinson as Dionysos is really offensively wrong. *facepalm*

    I would also rather see Pheme as Lady Gaga. It just fits. Lol.

  5. Lady Gaga as Pheme is perfect. Oh, and I'm thinking maybe Russell Brand for Dionysus. Yeah. Mmmm. ;)