Thursday, September 27, 2012


A Thoth deck back
I love my tarot cards.  They are more than magical tools for me, since I became unemployed they have become a part of my livelihood.  I read with the Thoth deck.  I've been reading with it as my primary deck since I was 17.  I started reading professionally at age 18.  I also read palms and do pendulum divination.  Recently, only in the last year or so, I've begun using a spirit board with Laurelei both professionally and for personal life advice. I scry in flame and smoke, mirror and crystal.  I've never had much luck with scrying in water.

As I have been depending more on divination for survival I have branched out into new forms of divination, mostly new oracle decks.  Nothing replaces my trusty Thoth, but I am supplementing reading with a few pulls from the Druid Animal Oracle, the Goddess Oracle, or (my newest tool) Archetype Cards.

My scrying mirror
Another system I use on a regular basis is a little javascript that I coded for use on the Women's Goddess Retreat website!  This random quote generator has given me useful advice on several occasions.

I've been working on a new system of divination that I am eager to try soon.  It involves casting lots marked with certain symbols of witchcraft.  I know that "Witch's Runes" are not a unique idea, but I believe that my personal take on them will prove to be useful for my own readings and as a possible item to sell at Blade and Broom.  I look forward to sharing this system with you soon!

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