Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Perfect Day

The delightfully artistic and playful author/muse SARK wrote in one of her many (wonderful/amazing/colorful/inspiring!) books about keeping notes on what a perfect day looks like in order to manifest positive things, and to recognize and appreciate when those wonderful things happen in your life.  I've been running with this idea for a few months now, and have assembled my (ever-growing) list below.

During the perfect day I will...

dream a delicious dream ~ wake up of my own accord ~ write! ~ teach ~ learn ~ pray ~ perform ~ nap ~ eat a tasty meal that someone else prepares for me and cleans up after ~ be in nature ~ be loved deeply & well ~ move with spirit ~ bathe luxuriously ~ dance! ~ create ~ cry in awe ~ get a gift ~ read a book so wonderful that I want to pass it out on streetcorners ~ wear flattering, beautiful, comfortable clothes ~ shop for fun at leisure ~ drum on my frame drum ~ experience a miracle ~ smell flowers ~ sing well ~ share energy ~ get a chiropractic adjustment ~ laugh long and hard ~ snuggle ~ amaze myself ~ stay up late talking with a friend ~ sleep in a comfortable, extravagantly furnished bed ~ travel somewhere new ~ see an owl ~ talk with a Goddess ~ have a giggle fit ~ listen to the waves meet the shore ~ work magic ~ hold hands ~ get lost in my thoughts ~ fly ~ hope ~ spend time with my best friends ~ inspire someone ~ breathe deep ~ sniff my cat's fur ~ make O's around a fire

What would you do on your perfect day?

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